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How do I choose an investment plan?

Our 8 investment plans differ in terms of duration, minimum and maximum investment amount and profit rate. Some of them yield a profit hourly, other daily. Some count the validity period in calendar days, others in business days. In general, we suggest that you first decide how much you want to invest. The threshold for our budget plans is just 0.005 BTC. To see how much you will earn with each plan, use the profit calculator in the Make a Deposit section.

How is my investment protected?

BitHub Network is a fully legal and licensed company that complies to the UK consumer protection and AML procedures. We employ a team of risk management and security specialists who monitor the trading transactions and set out low-risk strategies. We won't use your funds to engage in any excessively risky or dubious market activities, such as wash trading. BitHub provides some of the most secure investment possibilities in the cryptocurrency market.

How do I calculate my profit?

Go to Make a Deposit in your user dashboard, pick any plan and enter an amount. The profit calculator will immediately display your total returns. Note that the ROI is higher for plans with a higher minimum investment threshold. However, you can invest only 0.005 BTC and still earn over 2% per day.


Does BitHub charge any fees?

We do not charge any commission except for the standard blockchain network fees, which, however, are paid automatically to the miners, not to the BitHub platform.

Which payment options do you accept?

We currently accept deposits in Bitcoin. In the upcoming weeks we plan to add support for other cryptocurrencies, as well as digital wallets.

When will my deposit be activated?

It should take a few minutes for the cash payment systems and between 30 minutes and 1 hour for Bitcoin. Your deposit will begin to participate in the trading immediately. If your deposit isn't credited to you within 1 day, please contact our support team.


Are there any restrictions on withdrawals?

You can withdraw any part (or all) of your accumulated profits payouts. If you'd like to withdraw the principal, go to Withdraw and click on the Withdraw button next to the deposit you'd like to release.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

To ensure the safety of your funds and prevent fraud, we process all withdrawals manually. This means that the processing time depends on the availability of our staff and can depend on the payment option you select. It's generally faster for Bitcoin transactions. Overall, we aim to process all the requests within 3 business days.

Do I need to withdraw the principal manually at the end?

No, the system will return you the principal automatically in those plans where it's applicable. The investment period is fixed for each of our 8 plans and ranges from 15 days to 60 days. After your current plan expires, you'll get your deposit back, but you can always reinvest it in the same or different plan.

Referrals & Bounty

How does the referral program work?

We'll provide you with a unique referral link that you can post anywhere on the internet and in the social media, send it by email and distribute it in other ways. When people join BitHub using your referral link, they are included in your referral (partner) network. You'll get a 7% rebate (reward) on all the deposits they make in the system. If they, in turn, invite new users, those will become your 2nd level partners, and you'll earn a 2% rebate on their deposits.

How can I attract referrals?

The easiest way is to share your referral link in the social media or in your blog/website. Make sure to explain why your friends and followers should join BitHub. Tell them about the profitable investment opportunities that we offer. If they are not familiar with cryptocurrencies yet, take time to explain the basics of crypto. The better you describe how BitHub works, the higher your chances to attract new referrals – and increase your income.

What's the difference between regular referrals and the regional ambassador program?

Regional ambassadors earn rebates from three referral levels, not two. The reward rate is also higher: 10% on Level 1, 3% on L2, and 1% on L3. At the same time, our ambassadors have a wider role to play than simply invite new users. They educate, assist, teach and generally represent BitHub on a global level. Think of ambassadorship as an active role rather than as a source of passive income.

What is bounty?

Bounty is a reward that you receive for promoting BitHub. There are many types of tasks that will earn you a bounty – from simply retweeting our tweets to creating whole video reviews and articles. We have around 20 campaigns to choose from, so you'll definitely find something to your taste.

How much can I earn with bounty?

It's absolutely possible to earn 0.5 BTC, as long as you are active and/or participate in campaigns that yield a high reward, such as writing articles about BitHub. In fact, a single good video can earn you 0.5 BTC. Each campaign has its own rewards and rules – check our Bounty page for details.

Are the bounty rewards automatic?

No. Each piece of content or assignment you submit is screened for quality. This includes posts, comments, articles, reviews, etc. We have a whole team verifying that all incoming bounty assignments adhere to our requirements. For this reason, it can take up to 7 days to vet your content and transfer your bounty reward.