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BitHub Network Anti-spam Policy

In order to provide the best investment experience and safeguard the interests of our members and any other users who may receive our communications, BitHub Network adheres to a strict anti-spam policy.

By spam we mean unsolicited emails – that is, those which the recipient has not requested or granted permission for them to be sent. Further, any message that contains false information should be considered spam.

BitHub Network will only send you emails in the following cases:

  • 1) To send you information about your account, deposits, rewards, etc.;
  • 2) To inform you about new products and services offered by BitHub Network to which you are entitled;
  • 3) If you have granted us an explicit permission to receive such emails;
  • 4) As a response to a request from you;
  • 5) If you provided your email to BitHub Network without setting any explicit restrictions on its use;
  • 6) You are a member on BitHub Network and/or used our services and products in the past.

All emails sent by or on behalf of BitHub network will not contain invalid domain names or headers, use third-party domain names, or feature any false content. Moreover, BitHub Network will not sell your information or allow any third party to collect information about you.

If you do not want to receive any further emails from BitHub Network, you can opt out from our emails by using the Unsubscribe link in any of our communications.

BitHub Network reserves the right to make changes and updates to this anti-spam policy at any time. The new version will be published on this page and come in force at the moment of publication.